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Love For A Wounded Soldier

Dan: “You know, I am missing my legs. Is that an issue?”

Rebecca: “I never dated a guy because he had nice knees. But I do like nice arms.”

Love for a Wounded Soldier

Photo by Nikki Kahn

Read this lovely story here.  Young veterans are a unique demographic because the nature of war has changed dramatically since the onset of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.  There are high numbers of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs), high numbers of amputees (including an increasing number of lower body and reproductive organ injuries), and a rise in suicides.  It is not an easy life, but this story paints a pleasant picture of life after war that is not entirely filled with despair.  It is definitely a piece that inspires hope.


Aw, how can you not love this? See more photos of fans in costumes here.

SIDENOTE: If I ever have a child I hope they will be as nerdy as I am…


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