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Challenge: Use an entire roll to shoot a panograph!

We’re inspired by these panographs by alphabettown.

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Picture of the DayKabul, Afghanistan. October 10, 2011. Doves at the Kart e-Sakhi mosque. 

Check out the rest of October’s Afghanistan photos at The Atlantic’s In Focus blog.

Photo Credit: Adek Berry/AFP/Getty  Via.

Clement Valla: Google Earth images

My programs are generative. They rely on chance, randomness, repetition and recombination in order to produce complex and unexpected images that lie on the boundary between nature and artifice.  I find systems that produce unintended artifacts, unexplored juxtapositions. Glitches, not designed effects. I collect these strange occurrences.

You can view more of his novel and interesting work here.

Stratus Clouds in Greenland

photo by Bryan and Cherry Alexander

Exploded Flower series from Qi Wei

Sssssooooo cool


Aw, how can you not love this? See more photos of fans in costumes here.

SIDENOTE: If I ever have a child I hope they will be as nerdy as I am…

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